Clifton Suspension Bridge Art Prints

Now that the Bristol Shop has been up and running for a month, we thought it might be nice to start taking a look at some of the products that we have, and seeing what it is about Bristol that has inspired them.

With that in mind, first up are our collection of Clifton Suspension Bridge Art Prints. No surprise that one of the most iconic bridges in the UK serves as inspiration for so many artists here in Bristol, especially when it is set in such a stunning natural gorge.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel the great engineer, and was completed in 1864. The bridge spans the Avon Gorge to connect Clifton in Bristol with Leigh Woods in North Somerset. As well as providing a vital transport link into the city it provides a visually striking frame for views of Bristol, and the vistas it affords have spurred poetry in the hearts of generations of Bristolians.

Amongst the artists on The Bristol Shop whose art prints have been inspired by The Clifton Suspension Bridge is Jenny Urquhart, who has produced a series of views of the city in different styles, and finds a recurring theme in the bridge.

Photographer Brett Charles has been moved by the view of the bridge from South Bristol to create a wonderful photographic art print of Clifton Suspension Bridge captured through the early morning mists.

The bridge also appears on a unique illustrated Bristol map giclee print by Naomi Wilkinson, who has placed Clifton Suspension Bridge alongside a series of city landmarks.

The bridge is also the subject of a nursery wall art print by Jenny MacKendrick, which has proven to be very popular with young Bristolians...and their parents! Jenny has produced a colourful print that includes the famous fiesta balloons, another iconic Bristol theme.

As The Bristol Shop grows we are sure to see more Clifton Suspension Bridge art prints that capture the many facets of this engineering marvel, so remember to keep checking back to see what's new!

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