Wills Memorial Building Model
Model of Wills Memorial Building Bristol
Wills Memorial Building ornament
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Bristol souvenir model of the Wills Memorial Building
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Wills Memorial Building, Park Street, Bristol

Wills Memorial Building in Bristol, 3D model gift

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The ultimate Bristol souvenir for University of Bristol students, alumni and lecturers or any proud Bristolian!

1:350 scale architectural model of the Wills Memorial Building in Bristol. 

Width: 7cm

Height: 19cm

Depth: 7cm

3D printed in PLA (a material obtained from renewable and natural raw materials such as corn)

This is a 3D printed accurate scale model of the Wills Memorial Building, one of the most famous landmark buildings in Bristol which sits at the top of Park Street and is visible from all over the city.

Designed by Sir George Oatley and completed in 1925 it towers 65m (215ft) above the street. Pevsner described it as "so convinced, so vast, so competent that one cannot help feeling respect for it".

The 'lantern' at the top of the tower that houses the St George bell is printed as a hollow element reflecting the actual design of the building. 

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