Clifton Suspension Bridge and The Matthew Screen Print by Amy Hutchings
Sketch of Clifton Suspension Bridge and The Matthew Screen Print by Amy Hutchings
Work in progress of a silk screen print

The Matthew and Clifton Suspension Bridge - Hand Pulled Screen Print by Amy Hutchings

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This hand-drawn, hand-pulled screen print depicts the moment that the Matthew sailed under the Clifton Suspension Bridge, one sunny weekend in 2020. An abstract, six-colour print, it measures 23cm x 26cm, on Somerset satin paper, approximately 26cm x 28cm

Limited edition of 50

Hand printed

Signed by the artist

Meet Amy Hutchings

Amy Hutchings is a multi-disciplinary artist with over 25 years of experience.

Having developed an interest in print from the age of 12, Amy now specialises in print-making, designing and creating murals. Amy has recently completed a professional scholarship between UWE and Spike Print Studio which has allowed her time and space to experiment with new methods and techniques.

She is inspired by the everyday and overlooked. “I am always open to new experiences as I walk around the city. Inspiration can be as simple as the way shadows fall across the path, the interplay of colours in my immediate environment or the contrast between the natural and manmade.”

Colour and hand-drawn imagery are central features in all of Amy’s work. She loves to work by hand and produces everything using traditional techniques and processes. Her portfolio encompasses silkscreen print, etchings, aquatint, murals and enamels.

Amy has been involved in an ongoing regeneration project in Hotwells, creating several large-scale, colourful murals for the Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association, Art Within the Cracks and Art Under the Flyover. She has also produced large scale murals for (amongst others) Bristol Eye Hospital, Loughborough Town Council and Bristol City Council.

She is never happier than when she is playing with drawing, colour and print. Oh – and she is partial to biscuits.

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