Cabot Tower Bristol, ornament
Bronze statue, scale model of Cabot Tower, Bristol
Cabot Tower ornament
Cabot Tower souvenir
Cabot Tower Bristol scale model

Bronze painted 3D printed sculpture of Cabot Tower in Bristol

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A unique bronze coloured architectural sculpture of Cabot Tower

This 1:150 scale model accurately depicts the architectural details of this beautiful and distinctive Bristol landmark.


Width: 60 millimetres

Height: 210 millimetres

Depth: 60 millimetres

This 3D printed architectural scale model of Cabot Tower in Bristol is made with PLA (a material obtained from renewable and natural raw materials such as corn) 

Cabot Tower is one of Bristol’s most loved, iconic landmarks and should be on every visitor’s bucket list.

Located on Brandon Hill, this 105ft tower, is set in beautiful parkland that is nestled in the heart of the city centre, near Park Street.

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