Bristol Scroll Ornament in gold
Bristol Scroll Ornament in gold
Gold Bristol Scroll Ornament
3D model of the Bristol Scroll
Model of the Bristol Scroll
Gold Bristol Scroll souvenir
Bristol Bus gift
Bristol Scroll models
Bristol Scroll souvenir
Bristol Scroll gift

Bristol Scroll Ornament in Gold

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A 3D printed model of the name of the famous Bristol Scroll. It is designed to either sit on a surface or can be hung on the wall with tacks. 

This vibrant gold colour is reminiscent of when the Bristol Scroll was used on the city's fleet of green vintage buses. 

The perfect stylish souvenir of the city. Nothing says "I love Bristol" quite like the Bristol scroll!

Width: 22cm

Height: 8cm

Depth: 2cm

This makes a perfect gift for any former bus driver or anyone who loves Bristol's vintage buses. Also suitable for any Bristolian or visitor to the city. It's sure to be a talking point.

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