Bristol Landmarks - A4 or A3 Poster by Adriana Barrios

Bristol Landmarks - A4 or A3 Poster by Adriana Barrios

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This is a digital print poster celebrating Bristol's iconic landmarks. Its bright and contemporary graphic design makes a perfect souvenir for tourists and locals. 

Available sizes: A4 or A3.

Signed by the artist.

Sold unframed.

Fits a standard A4 or A3 frame.

Meet Adriana Barrios

I am a Graphic Designer born and grew up in Mexico, then I lived in France for 10 years and for personal reasons I moved to London where I spent 5 years and where I studied Graphic Design. In 2016 I moved to Bristol where I started getting inspired by the city’s landscapes, so I starting creating my digital illustrations of Bristol but also of London and Mexico’s culture.

Besides digital illustration I also work and experiment with lino printing and acrylic painting, two techniques that I love.

I like bright colours and it is reflected on my artwork.

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