The Bristol Shop E-Gift Card

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Give someone the luxury of choosing their own Bristol made gifts with a £10, £25, £50 or £100 E-Gift Card.

The Bristol Shop E-Gift Cards are sent to the email address assigned to the account of the person making the purchase. E-Gift Cards are emailed to you immediately, you can then print them to pop inside a greetings card or forward the email to the lucky recipient before use.

To redeem, go to the The Bristol Shop website and enter your unique code in the discount bar at checkout.


Can an E-Gift Card be used more than once? Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card it can be used multiple times for multiple purchases until the balance is spent.

Can more than one E-Gift Card be used towards a purchase? Yes. For example: If you have been given 2 x £25 gift cards you can use both to make a purchase for £50 or as part payment towards a purchase of more than £50.

I’ve been given an E-Gift Card, can I check the balance? The balance of the gift card is displayed beside the gift card code when applied to a cart during checkout. Customers can also check their balance by visiting the unique gift card link sent via email. Alternatively you can call customer services on 07426 687 208 and we can tell you the balance remaining on your gift card.

Can E-Gift Cards be used in conjunction with a discount code? Yes, E-Gift Cards are a form of payment. When someone uses an E-Gift Card to make a purchase, they can also use a discount code if one is available at that time.

Will the E-Gift Card expire? Yes, The Bristol Shop E-Gift Cards are valid for 12 months.

If you have questions or to order by phone
please call Danny on 07426 687 208