Wills Memorial Building – an architectural illustration by dona B drawings

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This giclée print celebrates Architect George Oatley’s soaring building that has towered over the city skyline since 1925.

The artist starts with a hand-drawn sketch to celebrate the building’s unique architectural beauty, which is then explored and enhanced using a simple digital colour palette.

Printed on high-quality fine art paper.

Whether you want to celebrate a specific event, evoke happy memories or simply marvel at the city’s architectural beauty, this is a true celebration of Bristol.

All prints are hand-signed by the artist.

Unframed Mounted Print – The print itself is A4 but with the included mount it becomes A3 overall.


Meet Dona B Drawings

Bristol has an amazing range of architectural building styles. We live, work and socialise in special places and our lasting memories are created there. My artwork is about celebrating the relationship we develop with these incredible buildings throughout our lives.

This series of landmark cards takes inspiration from the lines and curves of the buildings themselves, each architectural line-drawing drawn by hand, using sketches and photographs to capture every detail. The final work is then put together in a digital collage with a simple colour palette.

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