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The Bristol - Acrylic on Canvas Art by Adam Mclevey

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The Bristol was painted from photographs the artist took of the ship out on Knightstone Island, in Weston-super-Mare.

It always has the appearance of being abandoned, so the artist wanted to capture that in his piece.


Adam Mclevey (British, b 1976) is a professional artist based in Somerset. His work combines fine art detailing with a bold graffiti-influenced aesthetic. Mclevey has exhibited his work internationally in solo and group shows, and has done live painting at a number of UK events.

His fine art utilises materials and methods from a variety of styles. These pieces are frequently influenced by popular culture, and often interrogate the ways in which people, objects, and places stay in our memories.

Mclevey is becoming increasingly well known for a range of illustrated characters, called Steves, who interact with the world around them in often humorous ways. The Steves gained popularity amongst collectors of Mclevey’s work in 2009 during his "One Pound, One Stamp" card project, in which almost 1000 cards were hand-painted by the artist.

Adam continues to produce work in both styles and is currently involved in a year-long project in which his Steve characters take on the form of a different well known personality on a daily basis.

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