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Small - Limited Edition A3 Signed Art Print by Vikoi

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With 'Small', the artist tries to convey the fragility of the human body. She says: "In a larger picture we are insignificant as individuals and our lives should not be taken for granted. Feeling small, I now appreciate the less obvious things in life rather than treading on them to get to the bigger ‘better’ satisfactions."

A3 signed print.

Materials: Digital media and pencil.

Meet Vikoi

Vikoi is a self-taught Bristol artist who has been drawing and painting since childhood. She loves colours and cartoons and draws because it makes her happy. Vikoi throws all her weirdness from her brain onto paper to focus her on life and what’s important.

Her unique style has developed as a form of self-expression through abstract and surreal forms. Her influences come from hip hop (street artists such as Dalek) as well as more scientific artists such as Heath Robinson.

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