Set of 8 Bristol Landmark Postcards by Lisa Malyon

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A set of 8 Bristol postcards depicting The Matthew on green, Purdown Tower on orange, Fairbairn Steam Crane on fuschia, Park Street on yellow, Clevedon Pier on jade, Colston Tower on grey/red, Lead Shot Tower on lilac, SS Great Britain on blue

Cellophane wrapper

Measures: 15cm x 10.5cm (usual postcard size)

Meet Lisa Malyon

Following a move to Bristol in 2000, Lisa Malyon began drawing in a series of sketchbooks using buildings and structures as her subject.

Using a fine ink pen, Lisa draws directly onto a collage of pages torn either from Bristol publications such as Venue and The Spark or on Chinese paper ‘money’ (traditionally burnt during Chinese New Year celebrations). The artworks are deliberately left to look ‘incomplete’ drawing the viewers gaze into the work.

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