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Sam and the Very Tall Sunflower - Children's Picture Book by Bethany Wivell

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Sam is impatient when his sunflower doesn't grow but by listening to his grandad, Sam learns how to look after it and grows the tallest sunflower the town has ever seen!

Each copy of Sam and The Very Tall Sunflower comes with a packet of seeds, so you can grow your very own!

Children's picture booked suitable for under 4’s.

32 pages. Illustrated by Roxanne Jelley.


Bethany Wivell is a Bristol born children’s writer and is publishing her first series of picture books this year. The books are based on growing plants and vegetables and each copy comes with a packet of seeds, so you can grow your own!

All of the books are inspired by the children Bethany was lucky enough to share her house with growing up, while her mum worked as a childminder.

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