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Doxi The Dog in Ambienceworld, Illustrated Comic

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Doxi is reluctantly enlisted to help Huloo, a disciple to the Guru of Ambienceworld, where the storm clouds of war are gathering.

He must help the Guru restore peace and encounters many friends and enemies on the way such as his new co-pilot in adventure and danger, Skuttler the Duck as well as the Pyranoids, Dancenoids and Moutheads.

There are plenty of twists and turns as Doxi also encounters the dastardly Zep-Pirates, the surreal Fortress of Lost Dreams and his own alter ego.

Full colour 52 page comic strip adventure story.

Suitable for 6 years plus


J.T. Holliday first started drawing comic strips at the age of 12 and published various comic zines from 1984 onwards, distributing them himself to shops in Bristol and London.

He created Doxi the Dog based on his pet mutt in 1982 and the character appeared in Bonafide Comic Magazine between 1993-1995.

After a 17 year hiatus the author decided to return and finish the Ambienceworld story he had started. Jeremy is currently working on further Doxi adventures and a series featuring the character for younger readers.

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