Red Minirig 3 Bluetooth Speaker

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What has changed with the new Red Minirig 3?

  • New and improved speaker driver, which goes louder and sounds better
  • More amplifier power for greatly improved bass and higher maximum volume
  • New LINK UP mode – wirelessly connect an unlimited number of Minirigs.
  • DSP (digital audio processor) as used in the Minirig Mini which dynamically and smoothly alters the sound to suit different volume levels – keeping the music clean, clear and sounding great at all times.
  • 2x faster charging. Now charges in 4-5 hours compared to 8-9 hours for the Minirig 2
  • 2x the output power for charging your phone compared to the Minirig 2.
  • New Bluetooth + wired stereo mode. Link out to a wired Minirig from a Bluetooth minirig and listen in stereo. This has the advantage of lower delay (latency) compared with wireless stereo. Great for using to watch videos and TV.
  • Better bass at lower volumes when used with the subwoofer.
  • The Bluetooth audio output now supports headphones.
  • Up to 100hours battery life (at low volumes). Battery life at high volumes is shorter than the Minirig 2 because it is playing louder with more bass – more energy is going into the speaker.



      Whats Included

      Red Minirig 3 Bluetooth Speaker (MRBT-3), USB Charging Cable, 3.5" Audio Cable, Minirig Soft Carry Case.

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