Brushed Aluminium Minirig Sub 3 Subwoofer

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The Minirig Subwoofer is a remarkable breakthrough in speaker technology. Using a patented long-throw 3” subwoofer driver, air flow optimised folded port and powerful 30W amplifier; you can now hear those deep bass notes like never before. All this in a stylish compact enclosure with inbuilt rechargeable battery, it truly is a world first.


Working as a dedicated subwoofer it plays low and it plays loud – able to produce the deepest bass notes that even larger speakers or would struggle to reach. All thanks to its remarkable long-throw driver, powerful amplifier and air flow optimised folded port design.


Subwoofers are normally big and heavy boxes that stay at home – not any more. Remarkably small and light, you can just chuck it in your bag or even hold it in your hand. And with its internal rechargeable battery, you can enjoy great bass anywhere you go.


The stylish body is formed from a single piece of machined aluminium and looks great in any location. It’s minimal and unobtrusive yet solid and robust for a life on the move. It even comes with a nylon padded case to keep it looking its best.


With a standard 3.5mm jack input, the sub can work with any other speaker to improve the bass response. However, it is designed to work in perfect harmony with Minirigs for the best possible sound. Whats more, the sub will also remotely turn your Minirig on and off via its simple LED switch. So you can say goodbye to your old dock, hi fi or PC speakers and enjoy the fantastic immersive sound of Minirig.


Of course the sub comes with the amazing build quality, battery life, great features and customer support you expect from Minirig. Lovingly designed and built in the UK.

Subwoofer Tech Spec

Dimensions: (h x d) 213mm x 101.6mm

Weight: 875g

Driver: 3” (76mm) long-throw subwoofer with neodymium motor

Frequency response: 48Hz – 150Hz (+/- 3db within this range)

Battery life: 50 hours (low listening level) 20 hours (medium listening level) 6 hours (maximum listening level)

Input power: 5V to 12V DC @ 500mA

Charging time: 5 to 11 hours (depending on input voltage)

Audio input/output: 2 x 3.5mm jack socket

Construction: Anodised aluminium and polycarbonate

Features: RGB LED providing status and battery level On/off switch Inbuilt low distortion limiter Air flow optimised folded port Dual gain levels

About The Designer

Professional Audio Science and Engineering Ltd create what can only be described as cutting edge audio equipment. All PASCE products are designed and tested in their laboratory right here in Bristol, and all manufacturing and assembly of parts is done by UK based engineering companies. PASCE focus on using only the best possible components sourced from the most reputable and reliable manufacturers.

Despite the high cost of these components and UK based manufacture, they keep their prices low through efficient design and by selling direct, which is what makes Minirig such great value for money.

If you have questions or to order by phone
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