Goram and Ghyston The Bristol Giants - Children's Book by Oliver Rigby & Tom Bonson

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This is an old story… a story that has almost been forgotten... This is a story about the first Bristol Giants and how the landscape of the beautiful city of Bristol came to be formed.

Once upon a time there were two brothers called Goram and Ghyston. They were no ordinary brothers - they were GIANTS.

One day, the brothers met and fell in love with a beautiful Princess called Avona who set them a task to decide who would win her hand in marriage.

It was a task that only one of them could win!

Children's book aimed for under 2 - 6yr olds (but us parents love the book too!).

Format: Paperback/Softcover

Meet The Author (Olivier Rigby)

As a child, Olly loved escaping life through books into worlds where he would find magic, swords, and ogres. It is a passion that he retains to this day to the amusement of his family and friends. He can regularly be seen with his family at Blaise Castle or the Clifton Suspension Bridge looking for Goram’s chair or Ghyston’s cave, and inventing new stories about the legendary Bristol Giants.

Meet The Illustrator (Tom Bonson)

Tom is a character-driven illustrator and loves creating quirky characters that people can believe in. Humour plays a large part in his picture book work and he likes to keep things lighthearted. Tom was never that sure if Giants existed until he met Olly. Now he spends most of his time searching them out around Bristol so that he can sketch them.

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