All Things Bright and Bristol Scrapeboard Print

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A really lovely artist's view of our wonderful city.

This illustrated print comes signed by the artist, and depicts an accurate, quirky and amusing view of the special places in Bristol. The more you look the more you see!

This print is black and white, and is sold mounted or framed.

Mounted with an acid free, antique white mount. 

Framed with a simple black moulding.

Size of frame:- 32x54cm 

Size of mount:-29x52cm

Size of image:-18x40cm

Meet Claire at Incahoots

I am often asked ‘what is it made from?’  The answer is scratchboard/scrapeboard. It starts out life as a black board which is made up of a thin layer of white China clay that is coated with black India ink. I scrape through the black layer creating the image.

When I start the illustration I begin with a visit to the location where I spend a long time looking, drawing and photographing. I am looking at both the buildings and environment and in particular the people, what they are doing and the stories being played out in front of me. I love people watching, trying to imagine what is going on and this gives me a perfect excuse to do so! I then look at all of the reference material and draw the layout ~ in my wibbly wobbly way of course! 

I start scratching in the buildings first and then the people and slowly the narrative evolves. I hope the viewer looks at the finished illustration the way it has been created, seeing the buildings and layout first and then gradually the details and stories.

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