The Bristol Giants Save Christmas - Children's Book by Oliver Rigby & Tom Bonson

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It is Christmas Eve and Father Christmas is tucked up in bed with the flu.

How will he get all the presents delivered in time?

He is going to need some help, but Big Foot has got athlete’s foot, Nessie says she would feel like a fish out of water, and the Tooth Fairy is busy pulling out one of Dracula’s molars…

Can THE BRISTOL GIANTS save the day?

Format: Paperback/Softcover


For every copy of The Bristol Giants Save Christmas that you buy in 2015, the Bristol Giants team will be donating a free copy to someone who deserves a brighter Christmas.

Working in partnership with The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children Appeal and Martha Care they will be providing books to disadvantaged children and to children in hospital over the festive period.

Meet The Author (Olivier Rigby)

As a child, Olly loved escaping life through books into worlds where he would find magic, swords, and ogres. It is a passion that he retains to this day to the amusement of his family and friends. He can regularly be seen with his family at Blaise Castle or the Clifton Suspension Bridge looking for Goram’s chair or Ghyston’s cave, and inventing new stories about the legendary Bristol Giants.

Meet The Illustrator (Tom Bonson)

Tom is a character-driven illustrator and loves creating quirky characters that people can believe in. Humour plays a large part in his picture book work and he likes to keep things lighthearted. Tom was never that sure if Giants existed until he met Olly. Now he spends most of his time searching them out around Bristol so that he can sketch them.

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