Spannered, By Spannered Books

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‘Spannered’, the first book from Bristol-based small press ‘Spannered Books’, is a thousand-mile-an-hour stomp through the grime, euphoria, and confusion of the 90’s illegal free-party scene.

The anonymous author, writing under the pseudonym ‘Bert Random’, explores the profound effects of the drugs and the music in this heartfelt, funny, and moving account of how it feels to be part of a party-crew, to be part of a musical movement, to be part of the underground.

Though set in 90’s Bristol its story will resonate with anyone who has ever stomped their feet or waved their hands in the air, ever spun a few tunes or carried some kit, ever laughed until they cried or screamed for a rewind. This is a dance music story, told from the heart of the dancefloor, and is accompanied by twelve illustrations from Bristol street-artists and fine artists, including Silent Hobo and Rose Sanderson, that break up the dizzying text with beautiful snapshots of faces and places straight from the underground.

Meet Spannered Books

‘Bert Random’ (not real name!) has written for a variety of print and online publications over the years; ‘Spannered’ is his first book.

He crawled into a speaker as a teenager in 1990 and emerged over a decade later with nothing but ringing ear-drums, dusty trainers, and a chaotic handful of scribbled notes. It has taken him until now to decipher his handwriting and begin piecing it all together.