Bristol Through the Lens: An Exhibition and an Essay Paperback Book by Sheona Beaumont

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Featuring a series of 20 digitally-collaged photographs, this book is a unique photographic study of Bristol through the changing light and seasons.

Each image is made up of more than one photograph taken at different times of day/year/view and explores views of Bristol, such as Cabot Tower and the Avon Gorge, through time and space in new and unseen ways.

Published as a second edition with Tangent Books in 2011, it was originally launched to coincide with a highly successful exhibition of the work, whose prize-winning prints continue to be displayed on occasion in the city.

In the accompanying essay, Sheona Beaumont explores the ways in which other photographers have represented scenes of Bristol, including tilt-shift photographer Andy Clifford, pinhole photographer Justin Quinnell, the contact-collage prints of Thomas Kellner and the photospheres of Ed Hill.

From the foreword, David Trigg writes, ‘Sheona Beaumont not only recognises photography’s inherent tension between objective truth and subjective expression, but also its potential to transcend literal representation.

Size: 60 pages, 21cm x 21cm

Meet Sheona Beaumont

Sheona Beaumont is a visual artist and writer based in the South West. Born in Bristol, and having lived there for 20 years, her work and research explore the ways in which photography reveals more than just the obvious - the emotional, spiritual and personal connections of our lives and loves.

She particularly enjoys working with the capacity of manipulated digital photography to confuse and enhance our ways of looking at things, producing beautifully kaleidoscopic images.

Her award-winning work has been exhibited widely in Bristol, as well as at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and in national tours to universities and cathedrals.  She also pursues research into the history and theory of photography's power to illuminate, working amongst other things as a Visiting Research Fellow at King's College London, and blogging regularly about her practice and research together.

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