Aug 07, 2016

Bristol Shop artist Susie Ramsay is partnering with leading international legal firm DAC Beachcroft to turn the front of their offices into an on street art gallery. From 15th August to 18th November 2016, the windows facing the covered walkway of DAC Beachcroft offices on Portwall Lane, Bristol (view map) will be hosting an exhibition of Bristol landscape paintings by the artist.

The exhibition ‘Streets, lanes and skylines’ features ten paintings of Bristol’s old city, back streets and skylines, including the iconic views of Corn Street, King Street and Christmas Steps.

About the exhibition, Susie said, ‘This is a fantastic opportunity to build upon Bristol’s reputation for on street art. My work aims to capture the beautiful buildings and skylines of Bristol, and I’m very excited to present these to the hundreds of commuters who pass through this space every day’.

You can purchase art by Susie Ramsay on at The Bristol Shop here.

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