Nov 17, 2015

The Bristol Giants Save Christmas Children's Book

It’s rare that we write a blog about a single product on The Bristol Shop but we think this one deserves it – The Bristol Giants are back in a new book for Christmas and if you buy one copy, another will be given, completely free, to someone who deserves a brighter Christmas.

Brothers Goram and Ghyston are giants. They are kind, clever, and very strong; with massive arms. They have built rivers, lakes and mountains and even threw the moon into the sky. We were introduced to them in a book written by Oliver Rigby and illustrated by Tom Bonson, which told the story of how they met, and both fell in love with, a beautiful princess called Avona. She set them a task to decide who would win her hand in marriage; a task that only one of them could win.

Together with Avona, and a dragon named Digby, the Bristol Giants are responsible for many of the landmarks that surround the city of Bristol and the world beyond.

In Oliver and Tom’s new book the Bristol Giants come to the rescue when it doesn’t look like Father Christmas will get all the presents delivered in time. The man in red is tucked up in bed with flu. He needs help but Big Foot has got athlete’s foot, Nessie says she would feel like a fish out of water, and the Tooth Fairy has been given the task of pulling out one of Dracula’s molars – it’s down to the Bristol Giants to save the day.

The Bristol Giants Save Christmas is available now from The Bristol Shop, priced at £8.98. It would make a brilliant Christmas present for any child aged two to six (although older children and adults love the Bristol Giants too) and by buying a copy you will also help brighten another child’s Christmas.

Oliver and Tom have teamed up with two great local charities, The Lord Mayor of Bristol's Children's Appeal, which raises money throughout the year to help the city’s poorest children at Christmas time by providing vouchers for food or toys, and Martha Care, which supports families at Bristol Children’s Hospital with a ward-based support worker, there to provide a shoulder to lean on and to act as an invaluable liaison between parents, medical staff, GPs and other agencies.

For every copy of The Bristol Giants Save Christmas sold in 2015, they will donate a free copy for the two charities to give to a disadvantaged child or a child in hospital over the festive period.

If you only buy one children’s book this Christmas, please make it this one.

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