Oct 14, 2015

A new photography competition from the organisers of Twenty Four Hours in Bristol will celebrate the city’s Army of the Night as the clocks change from British Summer Time to British Winter Time.

When the clocks “fall forward” at 0200 on Sunday 25th October most of us will benefit from an extra hour in bed, but for an estimated one in eight of the workforce will have to work the annual “magic hour” twice over.

Bristol is becoming a 24 hour city, there is always something going on and we rely on the Army of the Night, the thousands of people who transport us, entertain us, feed us, support, protect and keep us safe.

This new competition is for the nurses, police officers, security guards, taxi drivers, kebab cooks, bakers, cleaners, fire fighters and anyone else on the 0100 – 0200 shift in Bristol, allowing them to show the rest of us what goes on in the early hours of the morning while we are sleeping.

Anyone who will be working within the boundaries of greater Bristol on the night of Saturday 24th October between the hours of midnight and 7am on Sunday 25th October can register and submit three photos free of charge. Additional images can be submitted at a charge of £5 per image. Non night-time workers may also enter the competition at a cost of £5 per image. Photographs taken on cameras, mobile phones and tablets will all be accepted.

An exhibition of approximately 100 of the best images will be held at the Harbourside Arts Centre, off Millennium Square in the run up to Christmas and there is a prize fund of £1000 to be awarded to the winning entries.

For further information and to register online, head on over to www.bristolbonushour.com 

For inspiration check out the great photographers selling work on The Bristol Shop including:

Sheona Beaumont

Bristol Cathedral by Sheona Beaumont


Nina Allwood (finalist in the '24 Hours in Bristol' competition 2013)

Night Lights by Nina Allwood


Brett Charles 

The Bridge by Brett Charles


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