The Wonder of Bamboo

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Can you think of a material that can be used to make super soft clothing but that can also be hard enough to protect your precious Apple smartphone, while at the same time being about as eco-friendly as it gets?

The answer is Bamboo.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, capable of reaching the height of a double-decker bus in just seven days. It is naturally organic, needing neither pesticides nor fertilisers to thrive, and requires minimal irrigation, and it’s not just carbon neutral – it’s carbon positive.

When blended with organic cotton, bamboo can be used to create a super soft fabric that feels like a cross between silk and cashmere. It’s thermo-regulating, filled with micro-holes that help keep the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer, and hypoallergenic; it can sit next to the skin and won’t stick, rub or irritate. It’s also 100% biodegradable.

The Birthing Shirt Company

The Birthing Shirt Company is a real Bristol success story, founded by Lindsay Benson, the proud mother of two boys. Lindsay had found it a struggle to find comfortable and practical clothing to wear during pregnancy, birth and beyond so while on maternity leave from her job as an architect following the birth of her second son she decided to use her experience in design to establish a company that could produce better alternatives.

The company’s range of bamboo clothing, the fabric chosen for its breathable and absorbent qualities as well as its softness, durability and eco-friendly credentials, includes nursing scarves and jersey headbands as well as the birthing shirts it takes its name from.

Mabboo Bamboo Clothing & Accessories

The idea for Mabboo Clothing and Accessories came to founder Ed Cheney when he was in China trying to learn Mandarin. He was living in Qingdao when he came across an article about a new eco fabric – bamboo. He noticed a lack of companies trying to create fashionable eco clothing, either in China or the UK, so when he came back to England he decided to do just that, creating a sustainable brand that draws on contemporary Chinese influences.

Mabboo’s design team is led by Matt C Stokes who has worked with Chinese designer Liu Hai Yan to created designs that incorporate both Eastern and Western influences. The range includes not just clothing but also some fantastic phone, tablet and book stands as well as iPhone 6 covers.

In Bristol’s year as European Green Capital we are very happy to offer our customers these eco-friendly items, which of course, like everything in The Bristol Shop, can be paid for with £B (Bristol Pounds).

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