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In the next of our Meet The Maker Series we meet Nick Church, a Bristol based artist who does beautiful things with pen and ink point art
Hi Nick! Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I am an artist specializing in pen and ink pointillism, using tiny dots to build up intricate detail.

What inspires you?

My background in Civil Engineering provides much inspiration, combined with taking a more unusual view of local everyday scenes whose beauty we overlook.

What do you feel makes your work unique?

The effect produced by my fine work is as fascinating to view as it is to create. I often choose scenes that offer new ways of seeing something; either by taking the viewer back in time, or perhaps choosing a new angle of a common subject.

Is being based in Bristol important to your work?

100% - I love my city, and from reading Civil Engineering at Bristol University, I have been fascinated in Brunel, and the other engineers that our region is famous for.

What is the best thing about being a local business?

When I consider myself a ‘business’ I will let you know ☺

What products from other makers on The Bristol Shop do you like?

I love the work of Jenny Urquhart – lovely, colorful and unique art/.

What has been your greatest success as an independent business?

Finding outlets like The Bristol Shop that are happy to support artists without huge portfolios of work.

What aspect of your work do you particularly love?

The creation, and the peace and relaxation it provides me. Becoming totally absorbed in one thing it something that we rarely have opportunity to do.

Why did you start creating work?

I have always loved art, but a still-very-active career in Software Engineering means that time is at a premium. However, finding myself on work visits in hotels with time on my hands I was able to re-kindle a passion that had been dormant for a long time. And I am so proud of the results. In the interim, my brain seems to have continued learning about perspective and technique all on it’s own. It’s good to be back, with a better balance of life, work and art.

Click here to see Nick Church's work at The Bristol Shop.

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